Century 21 proudly supports global rhino conservation

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Century 21 South Africa has joined forces with conservation charity, Save the Rhino International, to support global rhino conservation.

As a rhino hotspot, South Africa has become a prime target for poachers looking to kill rhinos and traffic their horns into the illegal wildlife trade. In the past decade, poachers killed more than 8 000 rhinos in South Africa. Century 21 South Africa, the country's leading real estate company, refuses to be part of a future without one of its 'Big 5' species.

"We've chosen this campaign to help conserve this magnificent animal," said Harry Nicolaides, CEO of Century 21 South Africa. "We also want to recognise the rhino rangers and volunteers and the sterling - often dangerous work - they do. We're going to be highlighting their plight, needs, and requirements as they save rhinos for future generations."

Save the Rhino International has played a crucial role in countering poaching and habitat loss in Africa and Asia. Last year, they brought anti-poaching canine units together to share expertise and helped spread rhino conservation messages to thousands of people in China. They also purchased kits such as boots, tents and uniforms for rangers in South Africa and joined an international coalition to rescue the Sumatran rhino. With Century 21 South Africa, they'll continue their efforts with the real estate agency's relentless and passionate team.

Throughout 2020, Century 21 South Africa's property professionals will raise funds to protect rhinos and their habitats, as well as support dedicated rangers protecting them. The real estate agency has also pledged to donate a minimum of €10 000 to aid rhino conservation through their campaign, an incredible commitment to help protect the planet's shared natural heritage.

Century 21 South Africa has a proud history in rhino conservation. Its Hoedspruit branch, for example, has used its platforms to discuss anti-poaching technology and spotlight poacher captures. Its social media sites are already filled with content celebrating the campaign.

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